L.D. Tonsager & Sons, Inc. was opened in Portland, Oregon  in May 1970. Ocean imports were the first services to be offered by our founder, Larry Tonsager.  In January 1990, the air import department was opened at the Portland airport.  Today, our office is located in the Portland International Center, which is located within 1 mile of air cargo facilities for quick pick-up and delivery of your documents.  Our office is also located less than 30 minutes from all ocean cargo facilities and 5 minutes from the U.S. Customs Service.

Today the company is run by Larry's three sons and one daughter continues to carry on the company's founding philosophy, which is to offer small and medium size companies the same excellent service that is commonly offered by other Customhouse Brokers to their best clients.

We pride ourselves in our specialized approach and unmatched service.  We take every shipment, every client, seriously and are happy to go the extra mile when it comes to your cargo.  We are not a franchise and have served the needs of business here in the Northwest for over 30 years.  We truly believe in our customer service philosophy and you can call and talk to anyone, including the president, at any time for help with your import or export needs.

Contact us today and let us make a difference in your business tomorrow.

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